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Our Mission

We began New Morning Retreat Center because we know how important it is to nurture one's body, mind and spirit. We believe in the need to integrate of all parts of the self in order to live full and authentic lives. After over fifteen years of ministry in the church and the hospital settings, we were in need of renewal. We wanted to be in ministry together, and we wanted to use our experience and our gifts to offer to others what we ourselves needed: time to rest and enjoy God's creation, space to take care of our bodies through healthy food and exercise, and opportunities for conversation and reflection in a safe and quiet place.

We purchased the farm on Berner Road because of its beauty, its location (in the country, but not too far from the city) and its great potential. The beautiful historic farmhouse, multiple gardens, natural meditation spaces and wrap-around porch are made for the kind of retreat ministry we envisioned.

We look forward to serving you.

we offer several ways to FEED your body, mind and spirit

Individual and group opportunities available

Sabbath Days

Ministry, whether you are lay or clergy, is demanding work. Sabbath rest is critical to our health. So take a day apart at New Morning. Come for rest and reflection. Enjoy the gardens and meditation spaces. Journal, read, take a nap or simply "be." The format of the day is up to you. Come and nurture your body, mind and spirit in God's creation.  One-on-one spiritual direction is also available.

Overnight Retreat

If the demands of ministry have exhausted you, come for an overnight or two of rest and relaxation.  Read, journal, pray, walk, gaze at the stars and have a good night's sleep

in the quiet of the country.

Group Retreat Space

Bring your small group of 25 or fewer for a retreat time together. Work on a shared project or interest, wind up a class, nurture your staff or vision together. There are many options to choose from.  Please call to book your date.

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